Sidharth Shukla reveals if he’d like to take his relationship with Shehnaz Gill- BIGG BOSS 13.

Bigg Boss 13 will soon see its concluding episode on February 15, but before that the contestants are being grilled on the show by a popular journalist.

 Sidharth Shukla is seen on the other side and faces some difficult questions. He is asked about his intentions when it comes to Shehnaz Gill. The journalist tells Sidharth that he met her father and was curious to know more about Shehnaz through her mother. He is asked if he’d like to take it ahead.

Sidharth clarifies that outside the house the two of them will get busy with work. But Shehnaz tells him she always takes out time for the ones she loves. Sidharth’s act of saving Paras Chhabra over Shehnaz also gets questioned.
Sidharth says he doesn’t take Shehnaz to be his competitor.

The journalist further asks Sidharth why he doesn’t take jokes in the right spirit and is always bothered about only his self-respect. Sidharth disagrees. He says that he hasn’t asked anyone to respect him.

Sidharth is given Asim’s example as he has said quite a few things against his father. Sidharth tells the journalist he said it because even his mom was disrespected by Asim.

Sidharth is then questioned about his relationship with Rashami Desai. Sidharth reveals that Rashami is a liar. He adds they began on a good note when they did ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’ together but an article about his problematic behavior on set caused a rift between them.

Sidharth shares that most of the nasty things in it were said by Rashami Desai. In their relationship, he tells the journalist that Rashami’s relationships keep changing. The latter counters Sid. Take a look at the video:

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