Shehnaz Gill will not marry in new show!

Shehnaz Gill, who was the most entertainer contestant of Bigg Boss 13, is now appearing in the new show ‘Mujhe Shaadi Karoge’. In this, she is seen looking for a groom for herself. While staying at Bigg Boss house, Shehnaz signed the new show. Fans were not happy with this new show on social media. After constant comments from fans, now she has given the reason for doing the show.

Shehnaz came live on Instagram and spoke to the fans. She admitted that her fans are saying that she should not do this show. Shehnaz says, “I am doing the show ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karoge’. Many people objected to this, but once look at it from my perspective. Think in terms of entertainment. Do not take this so seriously I will not make you sad.” Shehnaz further says, “I will not offend anyone. I will be locked in Bigg Boss house again for four months only for you guys. Now going again for three months. I saw that I am getting the message that this show is not fit for me. Look at it this way to entertain.”

Shehnaz further said, “Do not take tension. Just you guys understand my point. I got to hear a lot that Colors did it. Have done nothing. I will not do anything wrong and do not compare me to anyone.” Talking about the show “Mujhse Shaadi Karoge,” then Siddharth arrived here. In the show, Siddharth said about Shehnaz that- “There is a quality inside her which I think everyone should have. We had a quarrel many times in the house, but by the end of the day, our quarrel ended and we started a new day the next day.”

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