International Tea Day: Health benefits of green, black, lemon, ginger and hibiscus tea…

International Tea Day

International Tea Day, observed annually on December 15 is celebrated since 2005 in tea producing countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia, Uganda, India, and Tanzania. It aims to draw global attention from governments and citizens on the impact of the global tea trade on workers and growers. International Tea Day has been linked to requests for price supports and fair trade.

Meanwhile, tweeple are celebrating the International Tea Day by sending tweets and memes. IAS Supriya Sahu wrote: “On this International Tea Day here is a big shout out to wonderful, most hardworking, brave unsung women heroes who pluck green tea leaves facing rain, mist, cold, wild animals to bring us that soothing cup of tea. Join me to take a moment to appreciate their work.”

Tea leads to a lot of positive and negative conversations among people. The ones who consume the beverage ends up talking about the health benefits of the beverage while the ones who drink it, leave no stones unturned to speak about its negative impact on health. However, the tough reality is that if you consume anything in excess, it will lead to harm whether its milk or green tea. On the occasion of International Tea Day, here are some health benefits of the beverage.

 Ginger Tea:  Ginger tea made up of milk is a traditional cure for relief against cold, flu, cough. etc. It also aids in removing tiredness, headache, weakness, low vitality, lethargy and fatigue and helps in the absorption of iron by your body. The majority of people suffering from problems related to cold, add Tulsi and ginger. Tea contains Polyphenol anti-oxidant which works as an inflammation fighter.

Green Tea:  Apart from traditional tea, there are several types of tea that works wonders for our health. Green tea is one of them. It contains anti-oxidants that aid digestion, and helps in improving mental and heart health. Apart from burning extra fat, green tea also adds immunity to the body.  It also helps prevent breast, prostate and colorectal cancer and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Hibiscus Tea: Hibiscus Tea is made up of China rose. It is rich in vitamins, iron, antioxidants, and minerals such as flavonoids and has laxative properties and tastes amazing. Hibiscus tea has a gorgeous pink hue that is hard to beat. The herbal tea helps in boosting metabolism, controls cholesterol, high blood pressure and stress. Moreover, it prevents the multiplication of cancer cells from the host.

 Lemon Tea: This is black tea with an addition of lemon drops and sugar. It is a rich anti-oxidant and helps in burning fat as well as cleaning the stomach. Lemon Tea should be consumed by patients with heart-related disorders on a daily basis.

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